Top Woodworking Projects Using A Laser Tool

One of the most often-cited benefits of a laser cutter or engraver is that it can work with a wide variety of materials, including many types of metal, plastic, and even fabric. However, wood is probably the most popular material used for laser-cut projects. Wood is a beautiful, natural material that fits in with almost any type of home or office decor. The following are some of the top woodworking projects that can be crafted with a laser cutting tool.

A Perpetual Calendar

A perpetual calendar is a calendar that can be adjusted to show the correct days and dates for any month. To make a wooden perpetual calendar, start by engraving the numbers on a wooden board according to a pattern. The next is to make a wooden frame with compartments in a 7×5 layout. The frame can slide to different positions on the board so the dates always match the current month. A simpler method is to create a flat board with three shelves and then carve blocks and engrave them with numerals for each date, the days of the week, and the months of the year. The month, day, and date can be displayed on the shelves and updated with new blocks as needed.

A Desk Organizer

A handmade laser-carved desk organizer makes a wonderful gift, and it’s a simple project. A typical desk organizer consists of several adjoined boxes in different sizes along with a small, flat tray attached in front. To make the organizer, simply cut the pieces according to a pattern and glue them together with a strong adhesive. Use an engraver to personalize the organizer with a name or favorite saying. For a more elegant finish, top each piece with a strip of black acrylic.

A Charging Station

A laser-carved wooden charging dock is a unique place to rest a phone or watch while it charges up. It’s easy to cut a pattern that provides a leaning backrest, a shelf for the phone, and a bar for the watch to wrap around. A simpler project is a charging dock that only holds the phone on a shelf with a slot for the cord to pass through. To find a laser cutter to make projects like this, see this boss laser review.