Doing Survival Prep Steps To Keep Safe If An Emergency Arises

It is important to have a plan in place in case of any type of emergency situation. If a situation arises where there will be a need to leave the home on foot, having the right gear to be able to live outdoors for several days or weeks may be necessary. Here are some steps that can be taken when doing survival prep to help in staying safe and comfortable in there is a need to vacate a home without a vehicle.

Make Sure To Have A Bag Packed

Purchase a bag to keep essentials within reach at a moment’s notice. The bag should be lightweight and easy to carry so it can be brought through any type of terrain without difficulty. A backpack will work well as it will free the hands to do other tasks as needed.

Keep Food And Water On Hand

It is a good idea to purchase some extra food to keep in case of an emergency. This will not only be useful if the power goes out inside of the home, but will also be necessary should there be a need to vacate the property for an extended time period. Foods that will not perish quickly can be kept inside of a bag. Make sure to check expiration dates and consume food as it gets close to the printed information. Replace as necessary. A means for clean water should also be obtained. A filtered bottle or straw will be handy in making water safe to drink when out in the wilderness.

Obtain Tools And Weapons

Tools to help in cutting branches and shrubbery will be useful if there is a need to go into a location with dense foliage. A weapon such as a knife or gun would also be necessary if game will need to be hunted. It is also important to have a way to light a fire to keep warm and to cook food.

Keep Comfortable No Matter The Elements

A spare set of clothing can be kept inside of a survival bag. Rugged shoes should be acquired so hiking will not be difficult as well. It is best to wear layers as excess clothing can be removed if temperatures soar. They can then be put back on when it gets cold outdoors.